86 Hilarious and Bizarre Things to Sell on Facebook Marketplace That Have Been Shamed in This Online Group


Ask any avid outdoor or online market hunter and they’ll be happy to tell you about the treasures they’ve found for a fraction of the retail price. No wonder markets are experiencing something of a renaissance, with people shifting to more sustainable and economical consumption patterns.

Facebook Marketplace is one such popular destination. Goods are accessible from the comfort of your home, just one message to seller. But the truth is, this type of shopping often takes a weird turn after people occasionally spot a ridiculous, just plain weird, or absurdly hilarious item listed for sale.

Luckily, there’s a safe place to gather for anyone frustrated by such bizarre ads. Known as “That’s It, I’m Shaming the FB Market,” this Facebook group is home to 81.7,000 members who come for a chuckle, a vent, or some random entertainment. Below we have summarized some of the funniest examples, so enjoy!

Also scroll down for our interview with Sean Fowlow, a professional second-hand hunter and seller, and the creator of “Ridiculous Thrifter”, who shared some insights into online markets, the reasons why they are so popular as well as if they will replace the good old open-air markets.


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