ACORD Solutions Group Opens User Portal for ADEPT™ Data Exchange Platform


The service layer complements API access to enable data exchange for stakeholders within the (re)insurance community

PEARL RIVER, NY and LONDON, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ACORD Solutions Group, the provider of standardized data exchange solutions across the global (re)insurance industry, today announced the launch of the ADEPT Portal, a service layer for users of ADEPT (ACORD Data Exchange Platform & Translator) . Several ADEPT users, including SCOR and Echo Rehave already logged in via the ADEPT portal.

ADEPT enables the exchange, translation and transformation of data in real time. It connects trading partners and provides structure, validation and reconciliation of data across a range of business functions. ADEPT provides global interoperability by connecting trading partners, regardless of geography and existing level of data exchange maturity, seamlessly integrating with existing platforms, portals and infrastructure.

The ADEPT portal is tailored for ADEPT users for Global Reinsurance & Large Commercial (GRLC) accounting and claims. By providing this service layer on top of ADEPT’s RESTful APIs, the portal improves access to ADEPT throughout the global (re)insurance community, allowing stakeholders to connect through their preferred channels and interact with a wide variety of senders and receivers.

“ADEPT proved to be a solid platform, with standardized data exchange capabilities that covered many of the complex use cases we encountered,” said Roman Kazancev, CTO of Jean Edwards Consulting. , a global consulting firm with extensive experience implementing ADEPT. on behalf of a large portfolio of (re)insurer and brokerage clients. “ADEPT has always been well received by a number of our reinsurance clients, and implementation is very easy with the help of ACORD Solutions’ responsive team.”

(Re)insurers and (re)brokers can send and receive accounting and claims transactions through the ADEPT portal even if they cannot or choose not to connect to the ADEPT APIs. Users can set up a full two-way workflow with counterparties who also use ADEPT or their own ACORD gateway. Other features include an intuitive dashboard, custom reports, and transaction downloads.

ADEPT users can integrate with provider clients from the ACORD Licensed Integrator Partner community, which includes all major placement platforms and policy administration systems for global specialty and reinsurance, as well as connect to services existing and new generation of the London market.

“The new ADEPT Portal is an easy way to access the benefits of a standardized global data exchange,” said Chris Newman, Managing Director – Global, ACORD. “Even those unfamiliar with GRLC standards will be able to quickly automate their inbound and outbound data exchanges and integrate into the global insurance ecosystem.”

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