Acxiom launches a marketplace to run smarter campaigns


Acxiom®, the customer intelligence company whose data-driven solutions create business growth by enabling better customer experiences, today announced the availability of Acxiom Partner Marketplace, the most comprehensive offering of industry-leading industry-specific data to the industry under one roof. The solution is designed to meet the needs of marketers across multiple industries, including financial services, insurance, automotive, retail, travel, telecommunications, healthcare, and CPG.

Acxiom Partner Marketplace gives marketers greater access to people-based data at a time when the ecosystem faces impending disruption due to ID deprecation. Marketers will benefit from combining Acxiom’s consumer demographics with industry-leading data in every vertical to power smarter segmentation and campaigns. Acxiom Partner Marketplace enables marketers to continue to buy audience in the face of identity depreciation by connecting critical datasets to Acxiom’s people-based identity backbone. This new offering is part of Acxiom’s ongoing data innovation strategy, focused on delivering rich, ethically-sourced audience data that gives marketers a competitive edge to understand audiences and help them navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Acxiom Partner Marketplace includes specialized data offerings from market-leading industry partners, including Commerce Signals, Equifax, NCSolutions (NCS), Polk Automotive Solutions by IHS Markit, and Veeva Crossix. Marketers can now understand customer and prospect behavior outside of brand interactions, including buying power, category spend, loyalty, share of wallet, and competitive dynamics. This insight is essential for brands looking to drive performance in acquisition campaigns and more meaningful customer experiences.

“Brands are increasingly looking to invest in data solutions that go beyond the data available in media markets,” said Eugene Becker, executive vice president and general manager of data and identity products. of Acxiom. “Acxiom Partner Marketplace brings together leading vertical datasets on a people-based identity backbone to enable a brand’s unified data strategy across their business – including media and CRM – to provide a more robust view of their audiences.”

Beyond the Acxiom Partner Marketplace, Acxiom has pioneered a wide range of first-party data and identity solutions designed to help marketers navigate ecosystem changes, with Acxiom Real Identity providing the foundation for brands to accurately identify and ethically connect with people anytime, anywhere to create relevant experiences. To gain digital resilience, marketers must not only focus on their first-party data, but also use ethical and powerful data like that available on Acxiom Partner Marketplace to continue to engage prospects and customers and grow their business. activity.


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