Almost 1,000 integrated users in one week



Vladislav Sopov

Thousands of auctions, hundreds of NFTs: first steps in the IOTA digital collectibles metaverse


  • 3,700 bids, 508 tokens
  • Why is IOTA better for NFTs?

Recently, NFT Marketplace, a pioneering IOTA-based ecosystem for digital collectibles, began operations with testnet tokens.

3,700 bids, 508 tokens

According to the official announcement shared by NFT Marketplace on its social media channels, the adoption of their product has started successfully.

In the first week of its testnet operations, 966 users registered and verified their accounts on NFT Marketplace. In total, 273 digital artists created and deployed their works on the market mechanism.

In total, they created 508 non-fungible tokens available for purchase by IOTA-oriented NFT enthusiasts.

In addition, the IOTA NFT Marketplace recorded 3,700 successful bids for all tokens. On average, more than 500 offers are registered daily on the platform.

Why is IOTA better for NFTs?

The NFT Marketplace team assured that its members will “work hard” to advance the functionality of the platform.

Co-founder of the IOTA Foundation Dominik Schiener congratulated the marketplace team with the first milestones achieved:

Absolutely amazing!

As covered by U.Today previously, IOTA is touted as the best platform for minting non-fungible tokens due to its “no-cost” operations.

Unlike Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), and similar platforms, IOTA does not charge a fee for deploying and activating non-fungible tokens. At present, the market is working on IOTA testnet with sandbox tokens.



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