Blintn Leads Global Chinese + Korean Mega Content Market


Blintn, Asia’s leading B2B content marketplace, announced that it has become the largest provider of top-tier Korean and Chinese content as it delivers greater choice and higher quality experiences to its legion of customers. users.

Blintn is a marketplace where media companies with varying needs can buy and sell all types of content license rights commission-free. It provides all involved content companies with new, simple means of communication and transaction process through integrated end-to-end solutions.

Blintn users include: SLL (former JTBC studios), one of Korea’s top studios; Youku, one of the largest OTT platforms in China; CMC Pictures, one of China’s largest film studios; Linmon Pictures, one of the largest TV series production companies in China and producer of the recent hit series “Nothing But Thirty”, Zoland Animation, the largest animation production company in China; JYS Media, the second largest distributor in China”, and many others.

According to Blintn, the recent large-scale growth in the volume and quality of the content database has significantly contributed to making the platform the market leader in content in Asia.

New users of the platform have unanimously expressed their increased interest and expectations for the enhanced interaction with their network, old and new, thanks to Blintn’s tools which offer them more efficient ways of working.

As the platform celebrates its strong library of Asian content, Peter Choe, CEO of Blintn, is determined to expand its user base and “further strengthen the user network as well as the Asian content library to consolidate Blintn’s position as Asia’s leading content marketplace. ”

Meanwhile, Blintn invited senior executives from major global media companies, including WarnerMedia, Paramount Pictures, Dolby, Tencent, Nippon TV and Viu, to open discussions on the future of the global media industry ahead. July.


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