Cannafacts: New Deschutes County Website Explains What Is Legal Marijuana And What Isn’t


BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — What’s legal, when it comes to marijuana in Deschutes County, and what’s not? A new website – from people who enforce the sometimes confusing laws on the subject – aims to answer these questions and reduce confusion on the subject.

The Deschutes County Illegal Marijuana Market Enforcement Team, a partnership between the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and the Bend Police Department, launched the site Thursday CANNAFACTS website (

Here is their announcement about the site:

CANNAFACTS will provide Deschutes County residents and visitors with a better understanding of:

  • Which recreational cannabis activities are legal and which are not
  • Which agency is best to contact for questions or concerns based on the specific cannabis business
  • Why and How to Report Serious Illegal Cannabis Operations

There are many questions and confusion regarding legal cannabis activities, as many counties and cities have rules in addition to state law. Many in the community mistakenly assumed that when cannabis became legal, all cannabis-related activities were legalized. Others have assumed that any unusual or suspicious cannabis activity should be reported to 911. Neither of these assumptions is accurate.

To address this misinformation, the DCIMME team, with the help of community volunteers, state and regional agencies, and local recreational cannabis businesses, created CANNAFACTS – a one-stop-shop for easy-to-digest information about the laws. and cannabis regulations of our community.

Through an “Is it legal?” » interactive. decision tree, FAQs, a quiz, and a comprehensive list of resources, the website guides Deschutes County residents and visitors through what makes a cannabis activity legal or illegal, and who to contact with questions or concerns. concerns.

The site also offers a portal for community members to submit anonymous leads on serious illegal cannabis operations. Large-scale illegal operations negatively impact the safety and health of our community and our legal cannabis businesses. Illegal operations pay no taxes, their unregulated dealing practices have led to explosions, and the operations are often linked to cartel activity.

Statement from Deschutes County Attorney John Hummel:

“We know from 911 calls, conversations with community members, and a law enforcement investigation that Oregon’s cannabis laws are confusing. If we expect our community to know the laws, we must do all we can to clarify them.

“Are we spending money to stop legal activity? No. As a proponent of decriminalizing marijuana, please know that I am not for the person who grows five plants to four. application is to end large-scale illegal operations that are too often run by cartels, use banned pesticides, steal water rights, force workers to live and work in inhumane conditions and undermine businesses marijuana legal in Deschutes County.

“We want Deschutes County to remain a safe place to live and operate a successful legal business. When illegal operations threaten these values, it is the responsibility of my office and local law enforcement to put an end to this type of With the help of community members reporting suspicious activity through CANNAFACTS, we can keep our community safe and help ensure that the cannabis products available are safe and legal.

To learn more about recreational cannabis in Deschutes County, visit:


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