Chevrolet Market Player of the Week: Kenyon Terrell, Captain Shreve Gators


SHREVEPORT, La (KMSS / KTAL) – Captain Shreve’s junior quarterback Kenyon Terrell isn’t saying much. He lets his room do the talking.

“He’s got a calm demeanor, you’re not going to shake him,” Gators head coach Bryant Sepulvado said. “He’s not going to go too high, too low.”

So what is it that keeps the quarterback so consistent? “Really my team, they see me throw a pickaxe or I have my head down, they’re going to come talk to me, tell me I got it,” Terrell said. Last Thursday night against Parkway, Terrell was in the zone. The Panthers took a 21-14 lead in the half, before Terrell led the Gators to a 26-point second half that saw them win 46-21 over their District 1-5A opponent. .

“Being at halftime, we just had to remember that the game was never over,” Terrell said. “No matter how down we are, no matter how much time we have left, we are still in the game.”

Kenyon Terrell had three touchdowns, 10 for 17 with 254 passing yards. He added 30 rushing yards in six attempts and another touchdown.

The Gators are averaging 38 points per game so far this season. Opposing defenses must be prepared for the many offensive weapons the team has on the outside while trying to accommodate Terrell’s running ability.

“He can throw the ball as well as anyone, but his running ability separates him as well,” said coach Sepulvado. “A lot of teams have gotten to where they let everyone down to try and take out the deep ball. Well, if you do that, he comes out and he gets first.

The team tries to take into account Terrell’s wide receivers. Kendrick Law, the number three athlete in the 2022 class. With the emergence of Braylon Finney away from home as well, Friday nights at Lee Hedges have become staple football.

“I mean, it’s amazing to have the number of receivers, weapons and speed that I have,” Terrell said. “I know I can give them the ball and they’re going to play.”

For Kenyon Terrell’s 284 total yards, four total touchdown performances, he’s our player of the week.


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