Cybersecurity and SD WAN Marketplace Netify Announces a 60% Increase in Vendor and Service Provider Listings After a Surge in 2022 Demand in the US and UK


NORWICH, ENGLAND/ACCESSWIRE/June 20, 2022/ Netify recently increased its lists of available cybersecurity and SD WAN vendors by 60%, due to increased demand for network and end-user security. The cybersecurity market has been actively expanding its list of SASE/SSE cybersecurity and SD WAN vendors to enhance its market offering amid increased demand, especially from the US and UK . Netify now offers 107 cybersecurity and SD WAN vendors with ambitions to list 200 more vendors in the future.

The move, amid the launch of their new compare market valuations for SD-WAN Comparison and Comparative SASE/SSE Cybersecurity, reflects the growing global demand for vendor and supplier research to enable faster IT decision-making. The request is driven by the need for IT decision makers to fully understand the crowded security and SD WAN market with many solutions offering broadly similar capabilities.

The average company invests around 6% to 14% of its annual IT budget in cybersecurity. For a large enterprise, this means allocating $20-50 million of the annual budget to cloud security. That’s no surprise, given that nearly half of businesses are streamlining their cloud migration plans to accommodate the current global movement toward digital and cloud spaces.

The budget is not the only resource that cybersecurity problems eat away at. IT decision makers spend months researching and negotiating with SASE and SSE vendors to identify the best vendors and vendors for their business needs. The most recent survey of IT decision makers shows that global companies are only aware of an average of about ten vendors and managed vendors in the SASE and SSE space.

The question facing these decision makers now is how to minimize and reduce the resources spent on finding and retaining these cybersecurity vendors and vendors. Some IT decision makers have now turned their attention to dedicated cybersecurity marketplaces such as Netify, which now has 107 SD WAN and cybersecurity solution providers listed in its marketplace as of early 2022. Netify is confident that this number will continue to grow as both businesses and vendors see the value of a dedicated marketplace. “We expect Netify to continue to expand our offering to over 200 listings as more UK, US and North American businesses benefit from our platform when searching and comparing SASE Cybersecurity/ SD WAN,” shares Robert Sturt, founder and CEO of Netify.

Turning to online marketplaces like Netify for cybersecurity solutions benefits businesses because it introduces their IT to solutions from niche players and startups that they hadn’t considered before. The advantage is that startups are known to offer penetration pricing to gain dominant market share. This drastically reduces the amount companies spend on cybersecurity. Decision makers can also reduce the time they spend finding the most suitable vendors for their business needs with Netify, as vendors are listed based on solutions and niche, often including research data.

Netify is designed to be a self-service platform, with lists made accessible and available to everyone. To further help businesses choose the best-fit cybersecurity vendors, the platform recently added a tool that can pre-select SASE and SD WAN solutions best suited to a business’s needs. It also has a consulting firm to help decision makers make sense of research data.

About Netify

Netify is an online site SD WAN and SASE Cybersecurity Market which combines market comparison technology with the expertise of advisors. The marketplace is designed to help enterprise and enterprise IT decision makers find the right vendors for their needs. Netify is part of The Network Union and has served as a resource center for companies like Permira, British Legion, CDC, Tilney Best Invest and Medivet.


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