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Australian dairy farmers voted to leave the current levy investment unchanged in the 2022 dairy survey conducted from February 24 to March 31.

The poll offered farmers the opportunity to vote on investing in the future of the industry with four voting options, determined by an independent Levy Poll Advisory Panel.

The poll offered voters four choices: no change to the levy rate or increases of 15, 20 or 25%.

Dairy Australia was told by Link Market Services, the independent company contracted to conduct the vote, that “no change” to the levy was preferred by farmers, receiving 64% of the vote.

This result was also supported by good turnout, with 44% of all eligible votes cast.

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Dairy Australia Chairman and South Australian dairy farmer James Mann thanked the farmers for participating in the survey.

“We thank all of the farmers and industry people who participated in this important process to determine future investments in the industry,” Mann said.

“Thank you also to the Levy Poll Advisory Board, who spent a lot of time and effort determining the voting options.

“Our collective funds play an important role in delivering services that individual farmers cannot provide alone – whether it’s research into animal feed or genetics, or how we respond to challenges like than labor and natural disasters – your contribution will continue to make a big difference to our industry.”

Dairy Australia’s chief executive, Dr David Nation, shared Mr Mann’s view.

“We value and value every dairy tax dollar, and we will continue to invest it in ways that deliver tangible benefits to farmers,” Dr Nation said.

“It was also pleasing to see 36% vote for a tax increase, indicating support for the key areas identified for continued investment – ​​labor, regional services, climate and policy development – ​​which are essential to the long-term success of our industry.

“We will need to reflect on how we approach these key areas and work now to prioritize investments and services with these areas in mind, as well as our current investment mix.”

These investments include research and innovation, support for agricultural business management, response to events such as drought, bushfires, floods or COVID-19, development of tools to adapting to the environment and coping with the climate, supporting on-farm employment needs, dairy marketing and commitment to sustainability, policy research, industry insights and market programs international.

Further details of the results can be found at milkpoll.com.au.

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