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Above: The old 1149 Restaurant is being demolished on Division Street at Route 4 to make way for a Neon Marketplace.

The old 1149 restaurant building began to crumble last week, making way for the construction of a new neon market and gas station on the Division Street site, across Route 4 on and off the ramps.

Neon stores are kind of overcrowded convenience stores with open-flame pizza ovens, a wide range of coffee drink options, groceries, and seating. They also have gas pumps and charging stations for electric cars. There is a Neon Marketplace on Post and Airport Roads in Warwick (see photo below).

The property is in Warwick so is not subject to East Greenwich oversight, although the town was notified as a stopper when the developers first submitted the proposal.

“Several years ago planning staff and I met with the developer and legal counsel during our initial review of the proposal,” said Andy Nota, EG City Manager. “At that time it was clear, based on the property and the project being located in Warwick, that our involvement would be mostly limited to traffic impact.”

Since the developer’s original request, they have returned to the City of Warwick for a car wash project for the land just east of 1149 Division St., which was once occupied as a single family home and more recently served staging area for the construction by the Ministère des Transports of a new bridge on Division Street.

The car wash still goes through the regulatory process.

“Our planning staff recently spoke with Warwick planning staff and we understand that the intersection and traffic on Division Street is a major focal point for RIDOT who are also reviewing the proposal,” Nota said. “The intersection already has a traffic light which is helpful and I’m told RIDOT is also looking at any potential impact on the bridge works under construction.”

The Neon Marketplace on Post Road in Warwick.

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