DraftKings reveals plans to launch DraftKings Marketplace in exchange for NFT ecosystem


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Project Kings Co., Ltd. Launch plan unveiled Draft Kings MarketA digital collectible ecosystem designed for consumer accessibility that provides organized NFT (Non-Fungible Token) drops and supports aftermarket transactions.

Once the marketplace is launched, DraftKings customers will be able to seamlessly buy, sell and trade digital goods in sports, entertainment and culture using their existing DraftKings accounts.

As part of the new strategic relationship, DraftKings Marketplace will also be the exclusive distributor of NFT content on the NFT platform. SignTake advantage of official licenses from top athletes and celebrities to offer a variety of digital collections.

Matt Keilish, Co-Founder and President of DraftKings, said, “The NFT boom has reinvented the collection industry and has thrilled early adopters around the world, including the DraftKings community.

“DraftKings Marketplace is at the heart of this technological and cultural phenomenon, offering a vast existing customer base an easily accessible experience comparable to any old marketplace. Collaboration with Autograph. This first vision of, and the coveted collection of official digital collections, is an important first step in entering the emerging NFT market.

“We are heralding the arrival of this new era by introducing millions of collectors to this evolving space and at the same time delivering the content we love through an intuitive interface designed to win in the long run. I’m aiming for that. “

The first drop in U.S. dollar purchases on the DraftKings Marketplace is the Pre-Season Access Collection, which features the Legendary Athlete’s NFT of Talent and Autograph’s Partner List, while giving fans priority access to future versions. Provides.

It also acts as a secondary selling platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade digital collectibles purchased within the Marketplace community.

Dillon rosenblattAutograph Founder and CEO said, “As the world becomes more accustomed to digital ownership and collection, this creates a great opportunity to provide users with high quality personalized content from their athletes, favorite artists and franchises.

“NFTs are the perfect way to connect with both those who love users and those who share their interests. We want to leverage today’s great partnerships to deliver continued value to our communities. think.

Autograph’s advisory board will help design a custom platform-specific NFT that will be released later this summer through the DraftKings Marketplace drop. The market will be the exclusive supplier of Autograph’s sports NFTs, but the collaboration could potentially diverge in other areas such as entertainment, lifestyle and culture.

Details of the DraftKings market will be announced next month.

DraftKings reveals plans to launch DraftKings Marketplace in exchange for NFT ecosystem

DraftKings reveals plans to launch DraftKings Marketplace in exchange for NFT ecosystem


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