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Agora, Inc., a platform for real-time engagement APIs, announced its extensions market at RTE2021, the company’s flagship conference and the world’s largest event exploring time engagement technologies real (RTE). The new market includes extensions from audio technology company Bose and a real-time content moderation solution from Hive.

People increasingly want real-time video or audio functionality in the applications they use. For example, the students of an educational app want to see their classmates; dating app users want to see potential mates and buyers of a shopping app want to talk to sellers. However, for many developers, real-time video and audio functionality is too difficult and expensive to build. Enter Agora whose platform allows developers to easily integrate powerful real-time engagement experiences, video and audio, into their applications and services. Globally, Agora powers 50 billion minutes of video and audio engagements every month.

How the extensions market for Agora helps developers

With Extensions Marketplace, Agora enables developers to further maximize the RTE opportunity, giving them direct access to a variety of partner extensions that they can activate instantly. Extensions include video and audio modifiers, RTE analysis tools, content classifiers to identify on-screen images, etc. Extensions Marketplace reduces the usual lift required to integrate RTE enhancement technology, simplifying all aspects of the process, from partner discovery to invoicing.

“Agora Extensions Marketplace is a one-stop shop for extensions to Agora’s core video, voice and streaming capabilities, allowing developers to add powerful features to improve real-time engagement. The platform makes it easy to add feature-rich extensions to real-time video and voice, because we’ve streamlined the end-to-end process. In doing so, we allow developers to focus on what they do best, to innovate, ”said Virginia Liu, SVP Marketing & Ecosystems at Agora.

The Extensions Marketplace features a number of inaugural partners at RTE2021, including Bose and Hive. The Bose extension, the PinPoint noise filter, helps reduce unwanted background noise, whether on a conference call, playing an online game, or using a chat app. The extension can be used with any helmet, in any Agora application.

Hive’s extension offers native integration with its best visual content moderation API and is capable of real-time detection of a wide range of offensive content such as hate symbols, nudity, violence, etc. Hive intends to offer more of its production extensions in the future, exposing other APIs such as those for OCR, speech recognition, and logo, object and scene detection.

“As developers increasingly integrate real-time engagement into their services and applications, a powerful and scalable content moderation solution is more critical than ever. With Agora’s Extensions Marketplace, we can further extend content moderation for the benefit of the entire digital ecosystem, helping developers protect users from contact with unwanted content, ” said Kevin Guo, CEO of Hive.

In addition to Bose and Hive, Agora unveils even more expansion partners at its RTE2021 conference. They understand:

  • Banuba’s Face AR SDK, which enables the world’s most realistic facial animation
  • Voicemod’s voice changer software to support gamers, content creators, and virtual YouTubers (VTubers) and to bring voice avatars into the metaverse.
  • The Visionlab SDK’s pure facial recognition engine enables efficient and accurate processing of faces in live images and video streams.
  • Symbl.ai is a real-time conversational intelligence platform for developers to build and extend large-scale voice and video coaching, compliance, and indexing applications.
  • Synervoz’s Voice FX extension allows the addition of vocal effects such as echo, reverb, flanger and pitch shift.
  • Marsview’s AI platform for real-time conversational intelligence to empower sales and support teams.

“The Agora extensions marketplace gives us the opportunity to interact with more than 10,000 applications and more than 1,500 developers. We are excited to partner up, to further evolve our solutions and increase the availability of voice avatars for world-class developers, ”said Jaime Bosch, CEO and co-founder of Voicemod.

This year, RTE2021, a virtual event that kicks off September 2 and is free, brings together leading global voices to discuss innovations in voice, video and streaming at a time when they may be overwhelming. important than ever.

With this in mind, Agora is committed to developing the real-time engagement ecosystem (RTE). In addition to the launch of an Extensions Marketplace for RTE technologies at RTE2021, Agora also announced a $ 100 million investment in the RTE ecosystem.

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