Facebook celebrates five years of Marketplace with new features



Facebook is celebrating five years of Marketplace with more features that help people shop more easily and responsibly on the platform.

Facebook introduced Marketplace in 2016 to improve the experience for people who turn to groups to buy and sell items. Five years later, Marketplace has one billion users per month worldwide.

Now Facebook is celebrate the anniversary of the platform, with the release of a bunch of new features to improve its ease and security before the holiday season.

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First, Facebook introduced a way for Marketplace users to create a saved Marketplace search and be notified when new listings match their criteria. So, for example, if someone searched for an item on Marketplace but didn’t find the right one, they can now save the search to be notified when items that meet the same criteria go on sale.

Second, Facebook makes it easier for users to shop anywhere in the world, with the expansion of shipping options on Marketplace, deployment in Great Britain and within buying and selling groups in the USA.

By offering more shipping options, Facebook is making it easier for its users to shop and transact using Facebook Pay. In addition, Facebook will cover purchases made with payment on Facebook with Purchase protection.

Facebook also monitors trends by highlighting top research, top categories, and enduring styles (like clothing demand) trending in its US market.

Finally, the company is taking steps to make Marketplace a safer and more responsible place to shop by introducing a new way to create and share a meeting plan for an in-person transaction.

This option will allow users to easily share information about the location, time and date of the pick-up appointment with their friends on Messenger.

Marketplace will also offer dating preferences, where sellers can let buyers know how they prefer to exchange an item locally, such as a public meeting or via drop-off or door-to-door pickup to minimize in-person transactions.

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