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Facebook adds new features in the marketplace, thereby facilitating more e-commerce activities on the platform.

Facebook Marketplace is another of the social network’s endless efforts into new territory. It is also one of the most popular additions to the overall interface. Marketplace takes garage sales and adds them to the biggest and most active social media platform on the planet, which, honestly, is a no-brainer. Is Marketplace Much Different From Amazon Or eBay? No, not really, although the end result is more user-oriented. However, the benefit of operating on a very active social media site is all that Marketplace needs to become the successful business it is today.

Facebook has clearly taken note, since it is adding a very interesting new feature to the interface. Marketplace now allows merchants to set up shipping systems on the platform. The new shipping interface will allow them to set a price limit for specific items, with that estimate being based on weight, fragility, location of shipment, and other factors involving the product at hand. This is a big step for Marketplace, as it allows merchants to access virtually anyone across the world and literally opens borders for users of the platform. While the feature has only been introduced to users in the UK for now, traders elsewhere are probably very happy to receive such a feature to work with.

Shipping doesn’t just bring new options for traders to manipulate. In fact, buyers are an equal and important part of the entire Marketplace exchange, and the new feature responds to them in a different way. New filters have been added to the platform, allowing buyers to search for products based on their shipment. That way, if a product turns out to be too expensive with the combined shipping costs, or if it just takes too long to arrive, they can move on to other leads. It’s a nifty tool that really helps users measure and narrow their options in the grand scheme of things, especially considering that more or less everyone using the internet has been open to them.

Marketplace might not be the next Amazon or eBay. It might not have the same user base that these two have built over years of hard work and effort. However, what it does have is over a billion monthly surf users and the community of one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It’s a profitable business that’s only improved by all of these new features at your fingertips.

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