Farmers’ Day: Main Street Marketplace combines charity and agriculture in China Grove – Reuters


CHINA GROVE – While traveling to the annual Farmers’ Day festival, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for the staff at the Main Street Marketplace.

Anyone interested in not only learning more about agriculture, but also about nutrition, health, and enriching their lives in more than one way, will learn a lot just by getting to know the goals of this organization at non-profit.

Since opening in China Grove in 2021, the organization has done everything possible to emphasize the importance of healthy perspectives on agriculture and lifestyle in general.

Hope Oliphant, the organization’s executive director, noted that “one of the key things about our community market is finding a way to provide access to affordable, local food (if possible, healthy food to our community” .

With that in mind, Oliphant and his team have formed partnerships with 21 local farmers and 13 small businesses in the area to provide merchants with a physical location to sell their offerings.

In addition to the market, the facility also houses a hydroponic garden where they can also grow their own greens on the China Grove property.

However, one thing that really stands out when considering the impact of this organization goes beyond its commitment to local agriculture.

On top of that, they also stress the importance of giving back to the community. Oliphant said people who shop at their market pay on a sliding scale based on income brackets, allowing some customers to help subsidize the cost of groceries for those in need simply by buying their own. favorite local products.

Recently, the market announced that it would take another step forward by introducing more charitable efforts to China Grove and the surrounding community.

Oliphant said the organization will soon be “launching our training and counseling programs to help other rural communities like ours better understand a responsible charitable approach. Some may want to rethink their traditional models of charity and we would be happy to help them in this process.

This is all just part of the larger commitment Main Street Marketplace has shown to the area and why they have become a favorite destination for people traveling to the area from Rowan County.

This Farmers Day, be sure to show your appreciation by stepping out and learning more about how you can get involved with the market in the future as well.


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