For this entrepreneur, burnout inspired a new venture


The past year has been tough for Patty Delgado, the founder of the Los Angeles-based online retail company Hija de tu Madre.

“As an entrepreneur who works around the clock, I have the stereotypical founder struggles,” Delgado said. “I’m tired. I’m very tired of my inbox. I’m tired of my phone.

But her burnout got her thinking about the nature of running an e-commerce business. “What’s a business like where you can have boundaries for yourself that kind of protect you?”

That’s when she came up with the idea for a second business, The Feelings Gym, an e-commerce business that plans to sell wellness-related products like journals. Delgado sets new limits: its online store will “close”.

“For example, [it’ll have] an e-commerce website that is only open Monday through Friday, with certain hours of operation,” she said. “Right now we’re saying 9 to 5.”

She hasn’t launched the business yet, nor is she sure the model will work. One thing she knows is that she wants to approach this job differently. “I know what founder burnout looks like,” Delgado said. “And I’m not trying to repeat that with the second company.”


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