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The Kwork Freelance marketplace is the platform that provides opportunities for buyers and sellers. Freelancers can list their services and start selling while buyers can find the ideal sellers at the most affordable rates

Limassol, April 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Finding well-paying freelance jobs or finding reliable freelancers who submit quality work on time has always been a concern for individuals and businesses alike. Making things easier for freelancers and companies – kwork Freelance Marketplace has become the perfect platform where things can be done effortlessly!

Kwork Freelance Marketplace is an easy-to-use platform where businesses can purchase affordable freelance services in just a few simple steps. Likewise, freelancers who are looking for high-paying opportunities and offer them the opportunity to prove their skills and earn money easily find a job.

Kwork believes that buying freelance services should be a simple process. it must be safe and affordable as well.

Categories of freelancers:

Kwork Market has different categories where freelancers can offer services and buyers can search for services. These categories include Design, Development & IT, Copywriting & Translation, SEO & Web Traffic, Digital Marketing & SMM, Audio & Video, and Business & Lifestyle.

Find the perfect freelancer in a few steps:

On kwork, thousands of talented freelancers compete for your business by listing their services on the marketplace. These services are sold as convenient take-out items in a real store. Buyers looking for freelancers just have to search online and find the services, where freelancers list their experience, job details, prices and more. When they find a freelancer with suitable experience and offering relevant services, they can easily contact the freelancer and discuss further before starting.

Buyers and Freelancers can decide on prices and deadlines at the start of the project. It provides full protection to buyers as payment is not released until the buyer approves the work.

There is a 100% money back guarantee for buyers so they only pay for top quality work.

Career Counselor Mary happily testifies – “Thanks to Kwork, I quickly launched a new website, set up ads and received my first order within a week.”

Selling freelance services and finding the right buyers is now easy:

Freelancers who wish to sell their services on the platform must first create a Kwork and list their services. The whole process only takes five minutes – it’s that easy! As soon as the freelancer receives the first order, the freelancer is notified so that work can begin without delay. Once completed and delivered on time, the freelancer gets paid for the work.

Free course for freelancers:

Kwork also offers a free course for freelancers that provides tips on how to earn well on Kwork. Those new to freelancing are guided on how to create bestselling kworks, how to create personalized offers, and how to be a top seller on Kwork, which is the essence of the job freelancing.

About Kwork

Kwork is a leading freelance marketplace for buying and selling services across different categories. It is an easy to use platform, providing payment security for freelancers and sellers, which has made it a trusted place to work. Membership is simple and free. To learn more, please visit

CONTACT: Kwork [email protected]

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