Horizm Launches AI-Based Marketplace for Sports Sponsors Horizm Launches AI-Based Marketplace for Sports Sponsors



Digital asset firm Horizm has launched Marketplace, a billion-dollar platform that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable brands to find the right partnerships.

Using an asset matching service, the platform enables brands to find effective digital audience engagement opportunities. Through Marketplace, brands will be able to identify suitable assets based on criteria such as their target audience, location, industry type and budget.

With deals and purchases made through the platform, Marketplace is designed to reduce the time and interactions it takes for both parties to enter into a sponsorship agreement.

For athletes and rights holders, the new platform provides an opportunity to develop new revenue streams from their existing inventory, with a combined US $ 1 billion digital inventory now available on Marketplace.

“When we created this company, our vision was to help the sports and entertainment industries bridge the gap between what is possible digitally and what is currently being achieved,” said Pedro Mestriner, CEO of Horizm.

“We firmly believe that Marketplace is that bridge and represents the future of digital asset management in sports; this will allow brands to make better, more targeted investments that will deliver a better return on investment while generating new revenue for the many rights holders involved.

“Launching Marketplace with over $ 1 billion in inventory held, just two years after the company’s inception, is an achievement we’re extremely proud of, but it’s just the start. “



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