How supply chain issues are affecting the New Orleans bookstore



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This winter, wholesalers and suppliers of books are warning there will be numerous printing delays due to supply chain issues, including wood shortages and backlogs of container ships at ports. It is also becoming a concern for booksellers.

“One of the biggest challenges, especially with [the] the holiday season is approaching, it’s the supply chain, ”said Candice Huber, owner of Tubby & Coo’s, a New Orleans bookstore specializing in sci-fi, fantasy and queer genres. “Sometimes the books are out of stock and they aren’t able to print them as quickly as they used to be. “

At the start of the pandemic, Huber closed the store to in-person browsing, but was able to pick up a lot of business online. “We have been very successful with online orders and curbside pickup orders,” said Huber. “And so, because we’re doing so well with this, I didn’t feel the need to reopen the doors.” Huber noted that they hope to re-allow inland navigation in the future.

As business has proceeded without foot traffic, Huber is concerned about some of the printing delays and making sure customers get what they want.

“Customers, I think, are vaguely aware of supply chain issues,” Huber said. “But we haven’t seen a lot of people start ordering for the holiday season yet. I really hope that will change.

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