IKEA launches new online marketplace for used furniture


IKEA is about to launch a new online marketplace to sell used furniture and household items at a great price.

The Swedish retailer will test its ‘As Is’ online marketplace in early 2022, so IKEA members and customers can purchase abandoned items, slightly damaged products and even displays from old halls. ‘exposure.

The new platform will allow shoppers to browse pre-liked IKEA products by category online and reserve the items they want before heading to the store to pick them up. The company said customers would pay less than 50% of the original price on second-hand goods.

How does IKEA’s online marketplace work?

This decision is part of the Swedish furniture giant’s commitment to sustainably promote and share a circular economy. IKEA said the “As Is” online marketplace was essentially an extension of its in-store circular malls.

IKEA members will need to log into their account (and new customers can create one for free) to select a pickup point and purchase their favorite products online. This may include items that customers have returned, products that do not meet packaging standards or that are still in their original packaging but may be slightly damaged, outgoing products, second grade items, and products. with minor cosmetic defects.

Buyers will be able to check the status of selected products by viewing photos uploaded under the “Defects” tab and reserve products at their selected store until the end of the next business day. Customers can then proceed to their selected store’s “As Is” circular hub (located in the IKEA store self-service warehouse) to collect their products and pay for them at the checkout.

IKEA said in-store hubs are being rolled out nationwide to allow customers to purchase affordable and sustainable products in one place.

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