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Founded in 2016, The invisible collection is the brainchild of founders Anna Zaoui, Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays and Lily Froehlicher. They were inspired to create an e-commerce platform that showcased designs from established and emerging designers around the world that anyone could access. The exceptionally curated selection of bespoke products are crafted using exceptional craftsmanship and materiality, all with lasting benefit.

There will be a rotating gallery of bespoke furniture from global designers.

Sean Davidson

After opening showrooms in London and Paris, as well as pop-ups in the Hamptons, Los Angeles and Aspen, The Invisible Collection officially lands in New York with its permanent Upper East Side showroom: The Townhouse. Located at 24 East 64th Street, The Townhouse is a 1,752 square foot multi-level showroom that will feature a rotating selection of bespoke furniture and collectibles from a global roster of incredible designers in a one-of-a-kind space. residential. The founders have dreamed of opening a permanent showroom in New York for more than six years.

“The United States is our first market; our American clients have always had a keen eye for interior design, displaying exceptional craftsmanship fueled by their energy and modernity,” says co-founder Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays. “We are thrilled to present highly desirable European international designers and artists at our first US address, presented with the same understated elegance that has become our trademark.”

The Townhouse was designed in collaboration with Lisbon-based design studio Garcé & Dimofski.

Sean Davidson

The vision of the Invisible collection is to help customers create exceptionally stylish, yet comfortable and livable spaces with a range of tastes, perspectives and global design influences. The townhouse was designed in collaboration with Lisbon-based design studio Garcé & Dimofski, who sought to create a warm and soothing showroom to complement the various furnishings, décor and artwork, as well as the most recognizable designs and objects from the Invisible collection.

The showroom includes different rooms spread over the levels.

Sean Davidson

The townhouse will also serve as a lounge for creatives, meaning there will be spaces for designers to host solo exhibitions and a library that will host intimate discussions with industry leaders for collectors, design enthusiasts and creators. The brand has also partnered with 7La Parisian bookstore founded by Karl Lagerfeld in 1999 and acquired by Chanel in 2021. There will be a selection of 7L titles, and The Townhouse is setting up a curation service for customers who want to equip their home with books of all kinds ( mainly coffee table books), from photography and literature to interior design, gardening or art catalogs.

The space exudes a warm and soothing feel.

Sean Davidson

One of the first exhibitions will be that of Aline Asmar from Amman, an architect and designer based between Beirut and Paris. Other exhibitions and collaborations throughout the year will feature works by Laura Gonzalez, Noé Duchafour Lawrance, Charles Zana and many more.

“The townhouse will serve as a place for creatives to draw inspiration from the soft atmosphere and exquisite furnishings presented by the finest team,” says co-founder Anna Zaoui.

The showroom officially opens on September 16.


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