Junktique Antique Show and Market returns to Florence this weekend


FLORENCE – The biggest antique event of the year takes place this weekend in a small community in southern Colorado. This is the Juntique Antique Show and Market in Florence, which is a two-day event to find hidden treasures in local shops and vendors.

Florence coined the nickname “Ancient Capital of Colorado” and since then it has grown into a community for avid collectors and antique dealers.

“This event allows all these antique dealers to put their business in the spotlight and attract new business,” said Jenny Cristelli, president of the Florence Chamber of Commerce. She says the Junktique show started in the 1990s, “when the Fox sisters brought antiques to Florence. Florence was kind of on the decline and they wanted to put us back on the map.”

Since then, the small community has grown and dozens of new stores have opened. They sell all crafts, vintage items, handmade scraps and more. One of the stores is the Loralie Antique Mall on Main Street.

“These are two days of wild parties and rusty, crisp fun,” said Rena Pryor, manager of Loralie Antique shopping center. His store will be one of dozens open for this weekend’s event.

“You’ll come by here and see a typewriter and you’ll think, ‘oh, I was using one of these, or a rotary phone, the kids are coming in today and they’re like’ how do you use that? ” said Pryor.

Around 30 vendors will also be lined up on the main street to sell items during the Junktique event, which brings together hundreds of people in this small community with a rich history.

“They can come and enjoy what we have everyday here, a small town vibe, and with all the antiques and stuff, what a fun carrot,” Pryor said.

The Junktique antiques market and exhibition takes place on Saturday and Sunday October 2 and 3. It starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. There are also more than 15 restaurants offering “Junktique specials”.


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