King’s School Discovery hosts the first community market



Beacons of community unity, the school is the anchor of the youth.

King’s School Discovery held its very first market on May 22, fulfilling an ambition defined since the school’s inception. The market allowed students, parents and community members to set up their stalls on the school grounds, feast the taste buds with a delicious range available at the food stalls and have fun with a collection interesting novelties.

The market was coupled with an invitation to everyone to take advantage of the facilities offered at the school, amplified by the hospitality of respectful students and friendly staff. In addition to the market, the recently renovated reception was proudly showcased by the manager, André Berrangé. “It’s been a dream for us since opening week one,” said principal Berrangé.

The walls of the new reception are adorned with words closing the hearts of the principal and his collaborators. “Dear children, do not love with words or words, but with deeds and in truth”, reads the passage from the first book of John, chapter three verse 18. “For us, this is how we approach everything at school. Everything we do is designed to lead by example, ”said the director.

Visitors received a fun gift box, which included a free pen, stick to keep lips smooth, and yo-yo-inducing nostalgia, bringing parents back to their own youthful days on the playground.



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