KSL Marketplace rolls out new Messages feature to stop online scammers


KSL Marketplace is taking steps to reduce scammer-induced headaches and is launching its new Messages feature this week, allowing KSL Marketplace members with verified email addresses to correspond about listings in a KSL account. user, without sharing their personal details. (Screenshot)

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SALT LAKE CITY – For some, participating in online commerce can be an easy way to cash in on old goods that are no longer needed or score a new item they’ve been eyeing for a while.

For others, doing business online can be a real headache due to a major deterrent: scammers.

KSL Marketplace is taking steps to reduce these scammer-induced headaches, launching its new Messages feature this week, allowing KSL Marketplace members with verified email addresses to correspond about listings in KSL’s account. a user without sharing their personal details.

“Previously when you used KSL, even the app, if you wanted to communicate with a seller or a buyer, everything was done via email or text, which kind of took it out of the KSL environment. If you are like most people, you want to avoid sharing your personal information with anyone,” said Kirk Koenen, director of marketing at Deseret Digital Media.

With Messages, you won’t have to share a phone number or email address with a potential buyer or seller, preventing spam and fraud before it happens.

Users with verified email addresses will be able to use Messages to inquire about listings from any section of KSL Marketplace: Classifieds, Cars, Homes and Jobs.

Additionally, the Messages feature will enhance KSL’s security against fraudulent users.

“If someone said something that you think might be fraud … you can click report (and) it will automatically go to our customer support team,” Koenen said.

If the Customer Support team determines that someone using Messages on KSL Marketplace is likely fraudulent, they will alert other users who have corresponded with that person so they can stop conversations or transactions.

“Messages, over time, will get smarter and smarter, where if someone even tries to send a (fraudulent) message, chances are it won’t even get through. As a seller, you don’t ‘probably never get this message because our software will be able to recognize it.”

Although the feature is available on all platforms and all types of browsers, Koenen said the best environment to use Messages would be within the KSL Classifieds app.

Additionally, KSL is celebrating this new feature with a competition offering anyone who places an ad with messages enabled on KSL Classifieds or KSL Cars during the month of September an opportunity to win cash or prizes.

Users can add as many listings as they want and one entry is awarded per KSL.com account each week (for a total of up to four entries). Once an ad is live, the user is automatically entered to win.

Learn more about the Messages feature here.

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