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LONDON, October 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Online Travel Agent eDreams’ Latest Survey of 10,000 Respondents in International Markets* Reveals Americans Top the Charts for Naughty Antics on Flights, as well as Top Reasons for Missing Flights While Already at the Airport .

Embarrassing behaviors: 16% of American respondents say they have been caught making love in restrooms: highest percentage of all markets: compared to an average of 5% in all other markets. This compares to 31% of US respondents who admit to having had sex on a plane unnoticed – compared to an average of just 7% in all other markets.

The wrong seat? 44% of US respondents intentionally sat in the wrong airplane seat, preferring it to their assigned one. In the United States, the worst culprits (52%) come from the southeastern states while the wisest (32%) come from the southwestern states.

When it comes to smoking, Americans are, again, the least likely to follow the rules, with 31% admitting to smoking, compared to an average in other European markets of 6% admitting the same.

Missed flights: 41% of all US respondents admitted to missing their plane when they were already at the airport – and 66% of them did so because they met someone they knew there and were distracted.

The other reason for missed flights in all markets is found to be at the wrong gate – 47% of respondents cited this as the reason (and 59% of all Americans who missed flights). 53% of Americans also admitted they were busy duty free shopping when their planes took off without them.

Technology is also a factor, with 38% of all respondents citing their phone or tablet as the reason they missed their flight: and among this set, the largest proportions come from Britain (44%) and the United States (61%).

Driven by A survey of 10,000 respondents in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, ItalyPortugal, Sweden and the UNITED STATES. 2,000 respondents came from UNITED STATES. The survey was conducted between August 15-25, 2022.

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