Launch of an online marketplace for ethical products in the UK



A new online marketplace called Dirty Hippies has been launched to support sellers of ethical products and aims to become the UK’s # 1 ethical marketplace.

According to reports, Dirty Hippies was founded by entrepreneur Carl Selby from Christchurch who aims to create a space for ethical buyers and sellers while supporting mental health charities.

Earlier this year, a study indicated that consumers are choosing sustainable products and packaging and that with a greater focus on global warming and how we can make better choices for the planet, consumers Unsurprisingly, they are increasingly concerned about the sources of the products they buy. . Dirty Hippies is interesting because they are asking for products to achieve at least one of their ethical goals, setting a more realistic plan to move towards sustainable e-commerce. The criteria are as follows:

  • Carbon neutral
  • Educative
  • Energy efficient production / use
  • Fair trade
  • No single-use plastic
  • Biological
  • Recycled / Upcycled / Vintage / Handmade
  • Responsible source
  • Vegan / Vegetarian / Plant-based

“I have decided to create a marketplace and an online application where buyers can go and be sure that everything they see has been verified against a list of values.”
– Carl Selby, Founder, Dirty Hippies

Sell ​​on dirty hippies

If you are an ethical UK seller, you can read more about selling on the Dirty Hippies platform. here.

Benefits include Zero setup fees, Zero product listing fees, Zero membership fees, and 9% sales commission.



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