Leafwire seeks to create a ‘judgment-free’ cannabis community online


As cannabis legalization slowly spreads around the world, the need for a platform that provides community and fosters a safe harbor for topical discourse and transactional business has also increased. Enter Leafwire, the world’s largest cannabis trading network.

The Denver-based cannabis-focused social media platform was developed to meet this expanding global need, because legalization doesn’t automatically lead to destigmatization. A quick look at the history of legal cannabis highlights this truth.

In November 2012, voters in Colorado and Washington State introduced sweeping new recreational cannabis laws allowing the cultivation, production, distribution and sale of products to adults over the age of 21. Since then, voters and legislatures in multiple states have followed suit, bringing more and more jobs, employees, professionals, transactions, connections, and ultimately conversations and content with them.

But the topic of cannabis, and its myriad pejoratives like “pot,” “weed,” and even “marijuana,” doesn’t always fit well into a traditional business context. The same is true online. Cannabis professionals aren’t always comfortable sharing and discussing the plant in an open business forum like LinkedIn.

“When we first launched Leafwire to a primarily domestic US audience in 2018, marijuana was still stigmatized despite the emergence of statewide legalization to one degree or another” , said Peter Vogel, founder and CEO of Leafwire. “Four years later, significant progress has been made in the state legalization of cannabis, but that stigma still lingers.”

International expansion

Two years after major cannabis legalization moves by Colorado and Washington, a 2016 study by the Adam Smith Institute in the UK argued that the growing international wave of acceptance, understanding and support for cannabis Cannabis legalization would ultimately force drug reform across the globe.

The theory has held true for countries like Germany, where full legalization of recreational cannabis has become the talk of the day, with federal regulators pledging to make the laws an eventual reality. And in a surprising development, Thailand has legalized the cultivation and trade of marijuana, even giving away 1 million cannabis plants so people can grow plants at home.

In the same way as the cannabis plant spread around the world over the centuries, therefore needs a modern digital platform to conduct a safe, secure and effective business discourse on the most exciting culture in the world.

“As emerging markets in Europe continue to liberalize cannabis policy, a stigma-free platform like Leafwire offers great appeal to industry participants,” said Anuj Desai, host of The Cannabis Conversation podcast. ” and practicing lawyer. “Sharing ideas and learning, as well as employment and business opportunities, is essential for the development of the sector.”

Rise of specialized social networks

Beyond commercial discourse, Leafwire seeks to create a community for like-minded cannabis operators and entrepreneurs, a space for free discussion and shared experiences. It does this in several ways, including:

Increased privacy

Mainstream social media platforms like Facebook have faced public and legislative criticism for the way they mine and sell user data, leaving users extremely concerned about the privacy and security of their accounts. Leafwire protects user data from third party interests and does not monetize data.

This creates an element of trust and security that Leafwire users have with the platform and frees them to share their data more openly.

Non-judgmental experience

Planet Fitness (NYSE: PLNT), one of the largest and fastest growing fitness center franchisors and operators in the United States, has been named to the 2019 list of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies from Fortune magazine, ranking 58 of the world’s best performers in terms of three-year revenue, earnings and stock market returns. The reason is, in part, because the gymnasium prides itself on its philosophy of fostering a “judgment-free” environment.

Leafwire’s cannabis social network offers that same kind of unique “belonging” in what is a very niche and exclusive industry. In doing so, the platform encourages members to freely share their ideas and opinions on policies, news and cases that they might otherwise be reluctant to divulge in a more public social media forum.

A welcoming, yet exclusive and targeted community

Proprietary social media platforms like Leafwire exploit the scarcity effect or cognitive bias that causes people to place a higher value on rare or limited things. While access to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is ubiquitous, Leafwire’s exclusive industry and topic-focused nature galvanizes its “cool factor.”

Leafwire has 50,000 registered cannabis professionals in over 100 countries, giving it a wider reach than many mainstream social networks. Leafwire’s global event calendar has over 100 events from Switzerland to Colombia to Texas.

The platform’s job board offers more than 10,000 jobs, ranging from a vice president of operations and mining in Arizona to a remediation supervisor in Virginia.

“We invite like-minded cannabis professionals to join the specialized and exclusive Leafwire business network as it continues to grow both in the United States and abroad,” Vogel said.

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