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We like to think that people are rational. Of course, when it comes to shopping, people are anything but. While the logic applies in business, it doesn’t always necessarily apply to consumers, which is why you can’t expect them to do, well, what you expect them to do. If you need a little help thinking like a customer, it’s time to make a change. During our VIP Sale, you can put the Kickstart Side Hustle up for sale and start learning proven marketing strategies to help you grow your business.

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Kickstart Side Hustle can teach you to think like some of the best companies in the world, which is why experts at brands like Apple and Ogilvy are already using it. This platform offers the largest library on the internet filled with effective marketing strategies, he says. Plus, it includes Brainiac, a database of over 150 cognitive bias principles and models that will help you influence your clients’ decisions.

Kickstart Side Hustle is all about efficiency. With these strategies, you can stop wasting your money on expensive paid advertising campaigns. You’ll learn from over 100 viral marketing case studies and stay on top of social media trends with the weekly social media news bulletin that can help keep your marketing up to date.

Kickstart Side Hustle was named # 4 Product of the Month on Product Hunt and user Theodore Nikolai said, “After reading some of these prejudices, you can become an evil genius or change the world for the better.”

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