Local business holds holiday market to support artists



MERIDIAN, Idaho – A local business is helping support local artists during the holiday season. Screw loose beer co. hosted for the first time a holiday market on Sunday, featuring local artists, to give community members the chance to do their little shopping during the holiday season.

“I’ve been making and selling jewelry for 22 years – this is my 22nd year at Boise,” Angie Herberg, owner of LA DE DA Jewelry, noted.

Jewelry making found Herberg after selling a business, quitting his job, and going on vacation.

“I met a lady who had a small shop and she had gems in her back room,” Herberg said. “I came back and showed her what I had done and she said, ‘This is what you have to do. “”

The part of jewelry making that Herberg enjoys is meeting people. During the pandemic, this aspect disappeared.

“I do art shows, so I was completely shut down like a lot of people, and it was just a hopeless feeling like, ‘Are we going to get back to normal? Am I going to be able to do art exhibitions again? “And it was right, it was really hard to have a purpose,” Herberg said.

A group of women who continued to order from Herberg’s website throughout the pandemic kept her going.

She said events like the holiday market on Sunday is where she thrives.

It was artists like Herberg that the event organizers had in mind when they decided to host the holiday market.

“We’re just trying to support local businesses here during the holiday season because we’re a local business owned by – you know, mom and pop shop,” said Mason Dodson, deputy director of Loose Screw Brew Co.

You can find a full list of suppliers here.



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