Marketing our films easier and better with streaming platforms —Segun Ogungbe


The name Segun Ogungbe is not unheard of in the Nigerian film industry, especially in the Yoruba sector. The actor who has just returned from a trip to the Netherlands talks with FEMI OGUNTAYO about why he was there and also talks about trending issues in the film industry. Excerpts:

What’s up with Segun Ogungbe?

Well, a lot of things are new to me. Currently there is a plan going on for me to shoot a new movie next month which should be in theaters and also on Netflix later which is called “Osho” ​​(Wizard). The reason is that I’ve done a lot of movies and a lot of my fans would tell me they want them on Netflix and all that especially those who aren’t in the country so I decided to do something to them too.

How would you describe this year for yourself so far?

We thank God because the movie industry changes every day and we thank God that it evolves with it too. Things have really changed from the days of tape to disc and now we’re in the digital age, I just thank God we’ve been able to stay consistent and relevant over time.

How would you describe the effect of the evolution of the film industry on the film industry in general? Especially now that everything is gradually moving towards mostly online streaming.

It hasn’t affected us negatively, actually, before we had to look for ways to market the movies by selling the disc and everything, but now that we have several streaming platforms that pay well like Netflix, YouTube and the like, I would like say it’s better. It has now become easier for us to market our films and I’m really happy about that.

Recently, you were in the Netherlands with your family, can you tell us about the trip? What was it ?

We were there on vacation and you know we also worked on some projects before and our people in the Netherlands showed interest in seeing them, so we showed them that there. I also shot a film there, you know we have our colleagues at TAMPAN who are based there too, so we did a project together there too before going there. But originally, I was there on vacation with my family.

So, what did you bring back from the Netherlands?

We thank God you will remember I made a movie recently which I called ‘Jolo’ and it was massively received by my fans as it got over 5 million views online and they requested a footage . Now I am announcing here now that there is an upcoming sequence which I have titled ‘Juda’ which will be released soon. This is a sequence for my film ‘Jolo’.

Recently, some actors from the indigenous Yoruba film industry have been recognized at the AMVCA and one of them, Odunlande Adekola, has been widely celebrated by you colleagues. What would you say this recognition portends for the film industry, especially the Yoruba sector?

I believe that it will bring us more development because whoever is recognized like that, it will be a plus for his career and whoever is associated with him, whether it is his colleagues, the people he is an ambassador for, etc. It will also attract more people to him, more people will want to work with him. So, it’s definitely a joy and we want more going forward.

So, should we also expect one of your films to be nominated for the next AMVCA?

By the grace of God, we are working on it.

This trending issue of celebrities ‘carelessly’ exposing their families on social media, what would he have to say about it?

You see, you can’t please everyone, especially our people. Sometimes when you think you’ve done something and it’s the right thing, you’ll still have people saying what did you do? That’s life for you and when you’re in our business or a celebrity you should expect a lot. I’m not surprised, not everyone will like what you do and even if you make a movie and everyone praises your work, you’ll still have people saying you did something stupid. Carelessly exposing families on social media, if you check out my social media pages, you’ll notice that I’m not one to do that. I don’t really post things like that, I don’t even have time, but some people have time to post useless things like what they eat, what they wear, where they go and what’s going on happening at home on social media and there are some people online who have no other job than to monitor these things and pass on comments about them, some positive and most of the time negative. But it’s their life, it’s a free world.

So, would you say social media made or broke the industry?

It’s a two-way street, it’s done and messed up the industry in so many ways. For example, seeing two celebrities in trouble and sending them to social media is not good for them, it’s not good for the industry and they don’t know it. On the other hand, it made some people who they are today. Thanks to social networks, some people have become celebrities, others establish their relationships through social networks. So it depends on how you use it. I would advise all of us to behave publicly, especially on social media, because we are meant to be role models for a lot of people. They need to manage what they post on social media and how they do it wisely and carefully. They have to remember that people are watching.

Some rising stars in the film industry have always complained that the big names don’t give them the chance to rise to that height where they also become a face and they are limited to smaller roles in movies. movies. What do you think about this ?

The problem is that most of them lack focus, no one can stop the focused one from shining, and that’s just the fact. If you’re focused and grow to the point where people see you as someone to be reckoned with, no one will say they want to relegate you. Just like I said earlier about actors struggling on social media, who would want to associate with people like that who lack focus? So, when focused, they will definitely be relevant and in top form.

On a lighter note, can you tell us one of the greatest things a fan has done for you?

I have many wonderful memories with my fans, many! A fan once called me and said he liked my movies and would like to sponsor my next project and he did. He gave me money to shoot another movie.

A few words for your fans

I will thank them for always patronizing us and they should also know that they can make or mess us with anything they say or how they relate to us. They should please continue to support us. This digital age has brought many of us closer than before. So they can contact us at any time and let us know what they think of us. Although some fans are naturally mean and would write bad things about an actor or actress just because they have data, which will also influence the decision that person will want to make as well. So they should be nice to us. I thank them all.


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