Media and Games Invest SE announces the addition of the ‘Fractured Online’ game portfolio, a promising new open-world Sandbox Fantasy MMORPG



Fractured Online is gamigo’s first truly dynamic open-world isometric MMORPG. The sandbox game has a strong focus on giving players the freedom to be whoever they want – thanks to its unique character progression system – and to shape the world however they want. This can be done figuratively through the player-driven economy of the game or literally by building cities on three worlds on multiple continents. In a world where demons naturally prey on all beings, Fractured Online is a game that can either bring players together or pull them apart.

“We wanted to offer something more powerful and flexible than the conventional RPG level and skill progression system,” said Jacopo Gallelli, co-founder and CEO of Dynamight Studios. “In Fractured Online, we give credence to the idiom ‘knowledge is power’ by introducing the knowledge system. Our system rewards brave and intelligent players, not for the hours they have spent hunting rats in a basement for Farmers. ”

MGI previously announced the license agreement behind Fractured Online at its Capital Markets Day in August 2021 without revealing the name of the game and the name of the studio behind the game. This approach was chosen to be able to conduct a well-orchestrated marketing campaign starting through a teaser campaign, in which the details of the game were announced bit by bit over the past few weeks, until the official announcement which included the reveal of the name of the game, last week. Based on this approach, gamigo was able to attract substantial interest from the community, which is important for a successful launch of the game.

The launch of Fractured is scheduled for H2 2022. Gamigo has assembled a large team of dedicated experts to prepare for the launch of the game. At launch and after launch, it is also planned to leverage gamigo’s extensive experience in the field. community management and operation of MMO games, as well as Verve Group’s strong expertise in user acquisition.

Jens Knauber, CEO of gamigo and COO MGI: “We have been following Dynamight Studios and their great work on Fractured for some time and look forward to the cooperation to come. We are thrilled and have high expectations for Fractured; the game is unique and very special and a great addition to our portfolio. As expected, in addition to increasing the number of updates in our current portfolio, we are also steadily increasing the number of game launches. In total, gamigo licensed 4 new game titles in 2021. In 2022, we plan to further increase the number of new licenses and launches. ”

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