Messages and Lucky Listings: a winning combination from KSL Marketplace


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Messages, the new feature of KSL Marketplace, has been designed with your privacy in mind. This gives you more control over who you choose to share your contact information with, preventing spam and potential fraud before it happens. Say (or sing!) goodbye to scammers. (Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey hey hey, bye!)

While you’re at it, say hello to Lucky Listings, a month-long giveaway celebrating the official launch of Messages. In September 2022, sellers receive one entry for each new listing (up to four per account) they add on KSL Classifieds or KSL Cars with Messages enabled. Prizes include annual national park passes, Maverik gas cards, restaurant gift cards and thousands of dollars!

Get complete details about Lucky Listings.

Messages and Lucky Listings: a winning combination from KSL Marketplace

Communicate quickly and confidently using Messages

Messages can be accessed anywhere you see the paper airplane icon on or in the KSL Classifieds app. You can use the feature to find listings from any section of KSL Marketplace: Classifieds, Cars, Homes and Jobs. Conversations are limited to KSL Marketplace members with verified email addresses and sent through our secure platform.

Although you will not earn a Lucky Listings entry for enabling messages on existing lists, we encourage you to edit your lists and select Messages as your preferred communication.

Buyers and sellers can choose from predefined phrases such as “Is this item still available?” allowing you to send a question with just one click. Or create your own body content with more specific information. We recommend using the KSL Classifieds App (make sure you have the latest version) and allowing push notifications for messages. This speeds up the buying process for both parties.

More reasons to use Messages

Using Messages as the main source of communication within KSL Marketplace is the best way to prevent fraud attempts. But if something slips through our security that looks more suspicious than a toddler wielding Sharpie, you can report the match and report it directly to our CommuniTeam – who support our customers and protect our e-commerce community. You also have the option to block certain users if they are too persistent or problematic.

If we determine that someone using Messages on KSL Marketplace is likely fraudulent, we will alert other people who have corresponded with that person so they can abort conversations or transactions. Using Messages also prevents inappropriate communications that violate our Terms of Service from reaching your inbox.

Connect communities

Protecting your privacy and making KSL Marketplace a safe and respectable environment for everyone are always our top priorities. From cool jobs to hot rods, from building houses to teaching music, KSL Marketplace is the region’s go-to shopping community. We are delighted that you are part of it!

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