Montana Medieval Market | New


BILLINGS, Mont. – Saturday was a hot day at the medieval market, but that doesn’t stop anyone here from dressing in their full medieval armor and pulling out their musketeer swords.

Whether it’s jewelry making, torch burning, fencing and even dancing, there is literally something for everyone.

Doug McIsaac has been a part of renaissance events for twelve years, and it continues to grow, but he says this year is a year for the record books, thanks to Mother Nature.

“It’s really – yeah it’s hot today,” McIsaac said. “And that’s why a lot of our guys aren’t in armor. I’m not in armor. I’m not in armor. We have our guys. Do musketeer style fencing. In the first two years. , it was mid-July, but then we moved it to June. June is much better. “

Despite the heat, many don’t let it get in the way of dressing and playing the medieval lifestyle, especially after being stuck inside last year due to the pandemic.

“It’s really hot but it’s worth it,” said Tahani Nelson, a salesperson. “It’s so much fun to be here and see it all. It was tough. We all kind of gave up without our fair circuit.”

If the market square and renaissance fair offer nothing else, it’s at least a time to meet up with friends, take a break from the real world and enjoy medieval life.

“It means the world,” said Renaissance Queen Abbey Sonntag. “We all have day jobs and I love my day job, but it’s the chance to do something that we’re passionate about and that we really love. We spend a lot of hours getting our costumes and badges ready. the chance to show this part of ourselves, it means a lot to us. “


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