Online entertainment and games see growth during COVID-19 pandemic


Online entertainment and gaming services and mobile applications have seen strong growth during the pandemic. The lockdowns announced by governments around the world caused people to use other means of entertainment while stranded at home. While online gaming was already growing before the pandemic due to an immersive experience and better customer interface, lockdowns have caused people to spend more time on their portable devices.

The pandemic has also shifted attention to many services that could be provided online, and many companies have decided to permanently offer remote working options to some of their staff. This paradigm shift has been seen even in big tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Netflix. The Indian software industry has seen strong demand in recent quarters, which has resulted in market valuations of many Indian technology companies reaching all-time highs.

Online games and sports betting have also seen growth in recent quarters. Platforms offering online casino and sports betting options for punters have improved their quality of service and response time with better performing servers. Online gaming platforms like Casibella offer in-depth reviews of igaming operators, card games and all major sporting events.

Many industries experienced strong growth during the pandemic. Online entertainment, OTT platforms, online gaming and sports betting have seen strong growth in India during the pandemic. While people need more options for entertainment, mobile apps and online gaming platforms have experienced strong growth.

Besides the technology sector, many other segments such as healthcare, home fitness, supplements have also seen growth during the pandemic. People have become health conscious and many have turned to online advice and forums to improve their fitness. Improving immunity has been one of the goals of many people who frequently visit online health forums.

India’s software industry has been one of the country’s major service and currency export segments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as the majority of businesses had no choice but to offer their services online, software and application development companies gained market share. Many employees have moved from regular office jobs to working from home, which has resulted in increased demand for internet services, telecommunications data, computer hardware, and software services.

According to stock market data, automakers said solid sales after the lockdowns are lifted, many people in major cities plan to switch to a personal vehicle instead of using public transport. With the government’s emphasis on immunization, the number of cases has steadily declined. The travel industry is opening up and people are already planning their vacations. However, the world will not be the same once we face the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation returns to normal.


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