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NEW YORK, December 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – It was announced today that artnet AG in New York launched its own crypto-native selling and auction platform for NFT minting, selling and distribution directly to the market using Monegraph Ready to use suite with branded parts such as Quantum leap by the inventor of TVN, Kevin mccoy and Satoshi Card by Spells of Genesis.

Ready to use suite is Monegraph’s software that provides online tools for auction houses, galleries, and owners to tap fully-branded marketplaces for multiple crypto art collections.

“Our inaugural auction focuses on historical NFTs and the defining artists of the medium”, Colleen Cash, said artnet vice president, Auctions. “These lots and operational considerations are exciting for both current crypto art collectors and traditional art enthusiasts looking for an entry point into the emerging NFT space. builds a platform that is both authentic to the crypto space and familiar to our traditional markets. “

With fully on-chain transactions, ETH auctions, and a fixed 10% buy-in bonus on all lots, the artnet marketplace becomes the first in the traditional art world to operate crypto-natively. from the start. To view the artnet Marketplace powered by Monegraph, please visit: http: //enchè

Mongraph Readymade is used by museums, auction houses and independent galleries who can now launch their self-managed NFT marketplaces in just a few days. Digital assets are created using Monegraph’s digital rights management and protection technology. The platform supports multiple blockchains, including energy efficient alternatives such as Polygon.

Tamas Banovich of Postmasters Gallery commented: “Having a trusted name like Artnet in the NFT market is a significant signal to everyone that there is enduring value for all collectors to explore. Welcome to Artnet!

Eder Holguin, Marketing Director of Monegraph, said: “We are delighted to serve Artnet and help their clients reliably access NFT markets. Monegraph leads the way in supplying auction houses, artists and galleries in the United States, Europe and soon Asia. As the leading infrastructure provider for NFT marketplaces Ready to use suite enables our clients to directly generate proceeds from NFT sales without having to rely on crowded markets and, most importantly, without requiring a heavy investment in technology or diluting their brand. “

About Monégraphe

Monegraph provides technology to ensure the success of NFT assets for creators and their communities. The company was founded in 2014 by Kevin mccoy, the inventor of the NFT concept. Of the society Ready to use suite offers brands and their creators the ability to quickly launch and operate their own crypto markets, backed by preeminent digital rights protection technology. To find out more, visit and request a demo or email [email protected].

About Artnet

Artnet has an unprecedented 60 million unique users annually, making it the world’s largest platform for fine arts. Founded in 1989, Artnet revolutionized the way people discover, research and collect art today. Artnet data is an essential resource to the industry’s mission, with a database of over 15 million auction results and AI and ML-based analytics delivering an unparalleled level of transparency and understanding of the art market. The Artnet Marketplace connects the major galleries and auction houses to the global artnet audience, offering a selection of over 250,000 works of art for sale around the world. Artnet Auctions, the pioneering online-only auction platform, offers unprecedented reach, liquidity and efficiency. Artnet News covers the events, trends and people shaping the global art market with up-to-the-minute analysis and expert commentary. It is the dominant content provider in the fine arts industry, with an unprecedented, rapidly growing and dedicated audience. Together, artnet’s vast product offering provides a complete ecosystem that drives and informs the modern art market.

Artnet AG is listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the segment with the highest transparency standards. The majority of operations are managed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Artnet Worldwide Corporation, a New York entity founded in 1989. Artnet Worldwide Corp. London based subsidiary, Artnet UK Ltd.


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