Registration open on the health insurance market begins Monday and ends on January 15


LANSING, Michigan – Health Insurance Market Open registration begins Monday and ends January 15, 2022.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says the Michiganders have more plans to choose from, more low-cost or no-fee coverage options and more time to sign up for next year.

Michigan has called for expanding health coverage options throughout the pandemic, and I applaud the Biden-Harris administration for its continued work to reduce the costs of comprehensive, high-quality health insurance for them. working Michigan families, ”Whitmer said. “With increased grants, an extended enrollment period, and more investment in local support, the Michiganders have the support they need to be covered for 2022.”

Anita Fox, director of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, says Michigan is one of the cheapest states in the country to purchase health insurance.

“Comprehensive health insurance leads to better health outcomes, so open enrollment is an important opportunity for Michiganders to protect their health and financial well-being,” Fox said.

You can find free help with local registration here or by calling 800-318-2596.

Michigan consumers will be able to choose from 174 health plans approved by 10 insurers in the health insurance market.

Additionally, more non-market plans are also available, bringing the total number of individual plans available to Michiganders to 256.

The average price increase in the personal market is 4.7%, compared to the 6% average annual increase in health spending observed over the past two years.

Thanks to the increased grants established by the American Rescue Plan, more Michiganders will continue to have low-cost or no-cost coverage in 2022.

Michigan consumers saw an average premium reduction of 45% thanks to these subsidies in 2021.

Grants of $ 3.3 million were also awarded to three Michigan organizations to expand access to qualified mariners who provide free assistance to consumers who need help registering for health coverage.

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