Romanian electronics retailer Altex to launch full-fledged marketplace in March 2022


More than two years after leaving the marketplace of the largest local online retailer eMAG, Romanian electronics retailer Altex, which manages both online and offline activities, is about to launch its own fully-fledged marketplace. The group is already functioning to some extent as a market place.

“I think we will launch the marketplace in March of next year. We have taken the first steps in the sense that there are several suppliers on the site. Steps have been taken to integrate and automate these services. It was a long process because we want to make it coherent, to maintain the level of existing services ”, founder of Altex Dan Ostahie declared to European Digital Commerce, powered by VTEX, reported.

Ostahie also announced that the Altex mobile app is expected to be available in October this year.

Ostahie pointed out that Altex’s revenue continued to grow in 2021, after a year in which the lockdown heavily fueled the advance of e-commerce, thanks to several good decisions.

“While we were traditionally in the field of electrical computing, last year we greatly diversified our product portfolio. Their sales have continued to grow, which means we have understood the needs of the customers, ”explained Ostahie.

He also developed the turn that the company made towards the service sector by launching Altex Travel following a partnership with Karpaten Turism.

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