Sapia and Greenhouse partnership brings the world’s first AI Smart Interviewer to the integrations market


Melbourne, Australia, August 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Greenhouse has selected, creator of the world’s first AI Smart Interviewer, as its new integration partner, enabling Greenhouse customers to access the first and only AI assessment tool based on the cat in Greenhouse Market.

Greenhouse offers businesses a comprehensive suite of recruiting and onboarding software and services, as well as an extensive partner ecosystem.

CEO of SAPIA, Barb Hyman said the partnership is a game-changer for organizations that need to fill roles efficiently while providing each candidate with an engaging and fair experience.

“Partnerships with vendors like Greenhouse are central to our mission to integrate ethical AI into the recruitment teams of as many organizations as possible. Our partnership makes it easier for businesses to access our solution who want to solve their recruiting problems in a fair, efficient and ethical manner”.

Sapia’s solution queries candidates via blind conversation. Based on written responses, its AI Smart Interviewer accurately assesses the suitability of candidates. Recruiting teams accessing Sapia’s Smart Interviewer through the Greenhouse Marketplace realize immediate efficiencies, disrupting biases in the recruiting process with a world-class candidate experience.

“From day one, we designed Sapia to integrate seamlessly into the day-to-day processes of recruiting teams. Integrating with partners like Greenhouse helps organizations quickly get a better return on investment from their existing HR technology stack There’s no 6-month implementation process – Sapia can interview candidates in days, and recruiting teams don’t need to leave Greenhouse to access shortlists and candidate information.”

Greenhouse’s announcement follows a number of exciting updates for the Australian-founded global AI startup, including global recognition for its work in mitigating gender bias and the Innovation Award” advanced technologies and employee experience” at Vivatech Paris.

The award follows a series of innovations for 2022, including InterviewBERT, a development that uses Google’s model for natural language processing (NLP) to understand the contextual meaning of words in written job interviews.

Next month, Sapia will showcase its world-first technology alongside industry incumbents at the HRTech conference in Vegas.

“We’re gaining traction internationally and seeing huge interest in the US market, where disruptive technologies like ours can make a huge difference in the HR industry.”


Sapia’s mission is to build a fairer and more humane world through ethical AI. Using the world’s first Smart Interviewer, powered by the world’s largest source of proprietary textual data and advanced natural language processing, Sapia transforms simple textual conversations into unprecedented talent intelligence, enabling organizations to interrupt large-scale hiring biases, to access the right talent. fast and give every candidate an experience they love.

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