Scaramucci Highlights Key Factors Why The Crypto Market Will Soon Recover


Skybridge Capital Founder and Managing Partner Anthony Scaramucci has an optimistic view of the way forward for the crypto markets, advising traders to “see the current mood” and to “keep the person affected and stay on top of things.” long term”.

In an interview with CNBC, the hedge fund supervisor shared his perception that a number of current developments in crypto could trigger “a lot more trading exercises.”

Specifically, he pointed to the ever-improving Lightning community, Bitcoin (BTC) layered two-layer payment protocol, BlackRock’s partnership with Coinbase, and their subsequent establishment of a BTC Personal Belief Fund as constructive long-term indicators. term.

Finally, CEO Larry Fink sees institutional demand for digital property. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be selling these products and he wouldn’t be teaming up with Coinbase.

“I just want to remind those that there are only 21 million Bitcoins in the market, and you will have a demand shock with little or no supply,” he added.

Ethereum merger on the horizon

Scaramucci cited the upcoming Ethereum (ETH) merger scheduled for September 15, which may change the community consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake, as an occasion that would impact the market value of the second-largest cryptocurrency. .

In his view, traders are buying the cryptocurrency primarily based on the potential benefits the merger may bring, but he also notes that they can turn around and sell off just as quickly.

“A large number of traders are most likely buying into this rumor; they will most likely promote information about this merger,” he said, adding that “I might warn people not to try this; these are great long-term investments,” he added.

Gradual but steady recovery over the past month

Regardless of the continuation of the crypto bear market, many high cryptocurrencies have shown modest positives. BTC is up 20% in the past month to sit at $24,959 at the time of writing, while the value of ETH jumped 62% to $1999, according to data from

Scaramucci noted that he has seen a resurgence in investor curiosity, and with better-than-expected inflation numbers in July, he believes the global financial system can return to its strong position from the fourth quarter of 2019 within 6 at 12 months.

In general, Scaramucci has a constructive view of the crypto market and warns traders to beware of knee-jerk reactions to unhealthy news and emotion-based buying and selling.

His agency believes that BTC could experience an unprecedented recovery over the next six years.

“If we’re right, if BTC hits $300,000 per coin, it won’t matter if you buy it at $20,000, $60,000; the longer term is upon us; it happens before I know it,” he said.

“If you’re out of the market for the best ten days, you’ve reduced your return from a 7.5% return to a 2% return; I don’t need us to start shaking and shaking the wallet based mostly on emotion.

“I think that’s the message I’m trying to get across to traders; just relax; we see a reasonably optimistic situation for BTC, ETH, ALGO and Solana (SOL) over the next 12-24 months, he added.

Scaramucci said his agency has a place in ETH competitor Algorand (ALGO), but their two most important positions are still in BTC and ETH.


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