Securing of the right-of-way on the farm to market road | News



The following story originally appeared in the December 18, 1931 issue of The Farmington Press. – Editor

The State Highway Department has notified St. Francois County to begin securing right-of-way titles for a farm-to-market road from Farmington to Iron Mountain and then to Middlebrook. Pursuant to those instructions, Freeway Right-of-Way Engineer John H. Potts and Cleveland County Court Judge began work on the first of the week and have so far obtained seven deeds for the right-of-way.

The road to be constructed will be a 60 foot highway from farm to market, covered with a four inch layer of gravel. It will be maintained by the road network. If the rights-of-way can be secured in time, the contract for the motorway will be concluded during the month of January. If this is done, it will provide employment for many people when they need it most.

Few problems in securing the right-of-way are expected as landowners along the road realize the great benefit they will derive from the new road. The Iron Mountain Company, which owns considerable land along the route, has signified its willingness to cooperate in any way it can. The county court does not award damages to homeowners, but they pay the cost of moving fences, etc.

The new road will follow the route of the old road as much as possible. At a later date, a spur will be constructed from Iron Mountain to Belleview and will provide residents of that district with a direct outlet to the western part of the state.

When this road and Hwy 32, going east of Farmington, are completed, Farmington will have a magnificent road network, with the highest types of roads leading out of town in all directions.



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