Stafford’s Etsy Marketplace will take place online in July


Pictured above are Fay Dixon of Fay Dixon Design and Molly Thirtle of Molly Designs, both based in Stafford

A group of Staffordshire makers are hosting an online event to showcase their creations.

The Etsy Marketplace: StaffordMade will take place this weekend and be held online due to Covid-19.

An event page with products, supplier links as well as behind the scenes videos and product previews will be available from Friday July 16 at 3 p.m. to Saturday July 17 at 9 p.m.

More than 10 manufacturers from across Staffordshire are taking part in the event, three of which have just qualified for the regional final for Young Market Trader of the Year.

There will be a selection of manufacturers and designers offering a wide range of items; greeting cards, coasters, cushions, seascape paintings, jewelry, home decor and bags.

Buyers can even use the code MADELOCAL to get a discount at some of the stores participating in the event.

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Maker Fay Dixon, who owns Fay Dixon Design and is based in Stafford, Staffordshire helped organize the event.

She said: “Etsy made the decision early enough in the year that Made Local events, which would typically be held in person, were in line with the uncertainty of the pandemic.

“This is the second online event we are running, the first taking place this past Christmas. It has been a big success in many ways for all manufacturers, some have been featured in Etsy emails, social media and many of us have had additional sales locally and globally as Etsy is a platform. – global shape.

“With the increase in team promotion, we and our customers have all found new stores to support that are local to us.

“I hope for much more success with this event for everyone as we all put in extra time to make products for the event, extra promotion and no one needs to leave their house or garden.”

Fay added: “It’s called StaffordMade because I thought it was nice and short and Staffordshire can be a bit stuffy, I didn’t expect so many manufacturers to want to get involved.

“In this particular market there are six stores based in Stafford and seven further afield.”

Among the designers attending the event are Harriet Ward of Eightquatorteen Silver and Molly Thirtle of Molly Designs, both based in downtown Stafford at Woodings Yard.

Speaking about the event, Harriet said, “I’ve had the StaffordMade Online Marketplace on my calendar for quite some time now and I’m delighted it’s coming so early.

“I participated in the first virtual market last year and was very happy that some locals visited my Etsy store!

“As the maker of Stafford, I’m always on the lookout for other local designs to buy from, and the Lookbook is a great way to discover new Etsy stores.”

Molly added, “I can’t wait for Molly Designs to be part of the Etsy Marketplace: StaffordMade. Fay did a great job organizing this event online.

“I can’t wait to see more traffic in my Etsy store, which will hopefully turn into more sales.”

The July event can no longer accept creators, but anyone interested can register here

There are currently plans to have another Stafford Made online event on November 13-14, 2021. To find out more and participate in the July event, visit their Facebook page,


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