Tech Startup Autumn Launches Digital Death Care Marketplace


Tech startup Autumn has developed a digital death care marketplace to connect bereaved families with services. The company is launching today following an $800,000 pre-seed funding round led by investment firm Bullish Inc.

To build its marketplace, Autumn brought together more than 500,000 local service providers, the startup reported. These include accountants, appraisers, lawyers, funeral homes, bereavement specialists and other organizations that help families with the legal, financial and logistical issues following the death of a loved one. dear.

Autumn co-founder and CEO Daniel Shaw told Hospice News that his own personal losses inspired him to start the company.

“I have a background in tech production, I’ve been through the world of marketing, branding and design and over the past 10 years I’ve suffered a lot of death in my own family. “Shaw said. “When I went on the web looking for things to help, I was a bit surprised to find things that I thought didn’t look great, didn’t work very well, or nothing at all. .”

Fall is the latest addition to a cottage industry thriving around end-of-life and bereavement care. StrategyR market research firm projects that the nascent “death care services” sector will be a $147.8 billion industry by 2026.

Access to the market is free for consumers, who will also have access to guides produced by Autumn to help them navigate grief and the range of tasks that come with it. Autumn also offers a memorial website creation product and an online network through which bereaved families can communicate or offer mutual support.

The company’s revenue stream will come from subscription fees that service providers pay to join the Autumn Marketplace.

Investment firm Bullish is Autumn’s biggest backer after a $200,000 investment. Great Oaks Venture Capital and Marco Zappacosta, CEO of home management technology company Thumbtack, also participated in the pre-seed round totaling $800,000.

“That money has gone into building the platform and scaling it to the point where we can start to find the product-market fit,” Shaw said. “In the following months, we will use this data to raise a funding round, which will allow us to really develop the platform and its clearer ambitions, which are, of course, additional content, more tools for help the bereaved.”


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