Telli Health enters the market by providing reliable and cost-effective remote monitoring devices


MIAMI – July 12, 2021 – (

Telli Health proudly announces its entry into the remote monitoring and connected health devices market. Responding to the demand for accurate and affordable connected healthcare devices, Telli Health now offers blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters and pulse oximeters, which work on more than 500 operators worldwide.

This IoT-based cellular technology will allow patients to receive the highest quality care, even in the most remote places of the world, with negotiated access to the best network providers in the world to ensure the best possible coverage.

Jeff Bartzen, Director of Sales at Telli Health, commented, “The majority of Telli Health customers are abandoning their old equipment suppliers because they demand accurate readings every time. We started Telli Health because we noticed there was a gap in the market for reliable, accurate and cost effective devices. Since our soft launch, we’ve had an overwhelming response to our hardware and suite of products, selling out completely within the first 48 hours. We have exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality remote monitoring devices available. “

Remote healthcare is a $ 30 billion industry, which often encounters problems with the accuracy of devices in the market. Telli Health is the first to deliver such a record of accuracy, reliability and ease of use in its connected healthcare devices – at a low price.

Last October, Telli Health launched the world’s first FDA-certified and approved SpO2 meter. Telli Health’s material has been tested in various cities across the United States and ultimately rolled out to provide more equitable access to quality health care in rural communities that traditionally do not have access to it.

Telli Health is the industry leader in medical IoT devices. Removing barriers and making medical devices easier to use and more accurate is Telli Health’s number one priority. Telli Health is proud to partner with the best network providers around the world to deliver fast and reliable coverage for the best possible user experience, regardless of location. Visit for more information.

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Telli Health enters the market by providing reliable and cost-effective remote monitoring devices


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