The Big Pumpkin Toss returns to the Westport Farmers Market on November 3


Westport, Conn.—Take those rotten Halloween pumpkins and head to the Westport Farmers’ Market on November 3 from 10-2 for the Great Pumpkin Toss, a free community composting event. In its fourth year, Action Waste Solutions will be collecting pumpkins during the Great Pumpkin Toss, a great way to fight Halloween food waste while having fun.

“Each year, 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins in the United States are wasted,” said Nicola LaRiccia, co-founder of Action Waste Solutions. “It’s a great way to reduce that waste by turning it into usable compost.”

Action Waste Solutions will accept all pumpkins and squash in their natural state at the market; squishy, ​​rotten pumpkins are welcome, but decorated or painted pumpkins cannot be be composted. Participants are encouraged to “throw” their pumpkin into the bin or simply drop it.

In addition to creating compost, pumpkins provide food for livestock. Stephanie Maynard of Ox Hollow Farm will fill her truck with good pumpkins to feed her cows.

“We understand the importance of diverting waste from our waste stream. We also understand that education is essential, as is community involvement. And we know it’s a fun way to bring our community together through sustainability,” said Lori Cochran-Dougall, Executive Director. “Throughout the year, we support composting efforts to recycle and reuse food that would otherwise be thrown away. Last year, we diverted a ton of pumpkin waste from the landfill with The Great Pumpkin Toss! Let’s break that record this year on November 3.

About Westport Farmer’s Market

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