The Coleman Fish Market is ready for the Easter crowds


Wheeling, W. Va. (WTRF) – It’s Good Friday, and most of us are cutting meat out of diets today, which is a great time to eat fish.

That’s what hundreds of fish lovers did today at Coleman’s Fish Market.

Although the queue was long, that didn’t deter fish lovers from dropping by.

“It’s a nice busy time to be here. So, I don’t mind waiting a few more minutes for my sandwich. It’s kind of nice to see Wheeling that way.

Coleman Fish Market regular Jordan Laird

“It’s exciting. Lots of people here.”

Coleman Fish Market regular Ryan Badgett

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your 31st time, many agree that it’s worth it.

As traffic picks up, workers earn enough for 4,000 people. But to compensate for all the hustle and bustle, most staff work 6 days a week and longer hours.

“Everyone runs on adrenaline. Most of my employees say, “When they come home, they sit on the couch and fall asleep”, myself included.

Joe Coleman, owner

It’s hard work, but it always pays off. Staff say business nearly triples every season of Lent. And on Good Friday alone, they sell more fish sandwiches than any other day of the year.

For those who haven’t tried one, there’s one thing that every fish lover, young or old, can’t deny.

“To be inland is pretty amazing. This is the best fish sandwich I have ever eaten.

Coleman Fish Market regular Jordan Laird

“It’s the best fish in the valley. It’s good. So come and try.”

Coleman Fish Market regular Ryan Badgett

And of course, it lives up to that standard every time.


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