The Cottage finds success with events and market, values ​​community support


The Cottage | Photo by Ryan Richardson

The Cottage Farm Stand & Baking Co. continues to find new ways to interact with the community through various events and offerings, with owner Marlene Knight saying their growth and success is due to the support of the public and other farmers and local vendors.

Knight said in turn: The Cottage is doing everything it can to support other local businesses.

“We all want to be local and support local farms and local businesses and make everything ourselves,” she said. “We all produce our own baked goods, soups and sandwiches, etc.”

Knight said they were “diehard” farmer’s market vendors, appearing at almost every market event.

“The Farmers Market is a very important part of our business,” she said. “That’s how people get to know us. It fits very well with our business model and who we are. If we don’t grow it on our own farm, it’s grown by a lot of those farmers that are there.

This year, The Cottage has decided to bring something more to the market by offering its breakfast sandwiches and burgers. Knight said it was well received by people who were staying at the market for a while and needed something to snack on.

Beyond their market presence, The Cottage continues to add new events and experiences to their farm.

Earlier this year they held their first Strawberry Festival, an event that drew more people than Knight could ever have expected for the first year.

Currently, The Cottage encourages the community to visit its sunflower fields, which are only open for about a week. There is no charge to go to the field to take pictures, but it’s $1 per stem for those who want to take a sunflower home.

They are also preparing for their Pumpkin and Pickle Festival (formerly called the Sunflower and Pickle Festival) on October 1 and 2.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Knight said. “We’re going to be doing all kinds of pickle-themed and pumpkin-themed foods. We also partner with Brew Bridge to make pickle beer.

Also new to The Cottage this year is a 5-acre corn maze – which also includes a game where people can locate 10 mailboxes containing questions in the field, with a prize at the end. The Cottage also added a pumpkin patch this year, and it’s already up and running.

The Cottage (located at 6869 Highway 56 in Sorgho) opens daily at 6:30 a.m., with closing times varying by season. The property includes a bakery, café and restaurant. They also sell take-out food.

As they continue to explore new ventures, Knight said the community support has always been good. She said it reflects how much people appreciate the local farming community as a whole.

“I think people in this community appreciate what our county has to offer. Obviously, agribusiness is big in this community,” she said. “I find that because we’re very family-oriented here (at The Cottage), the response to our festivals and outdoor events has been very well received, and we’re delighted with that.”


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