The Elder Scrolls Online will be localized to Spanish in 2022



Zenimax Online Studios listened to requests from subscribers. Bethesda has officially announced that The Elder Scrolls Online will receive an update for translate all game texts into Spanish. The arrival of the localized version will not be immediate, since it will have to wait until June 2022, when a new content chapter is planned. In an interview with MeriStation, Creative Director Rich Lambert stressed the importance of this decision, as it will serve to continue to build a strong and broad community.

“There was enough desire to the community itself will start to translate it itself. It made us think that if they were willing to put their time and effort into it, we should probably do it ourselves, ”he acknowledged. This, he says, can only have a beneficial effect on the process of community growth.

“We have seen the Spanish community grow over the years and we heard your feedback loud and clear“He said in a statement. “We’re incredibly happy to finally be able to provide Spanish localization to our community. Thank you very much to you and everyone who has been a part of this amazing community over the years ”. In total, there will be around 200,000 lines of dialogue, although the number will vary as this is an ever-evolving game.

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Optimized for new consoles

The Elder Scrolls Online is a constantly evolving game. Therefore, the launch of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5 made it possible to update the title to take advantage of the hardware of these systems. The first update of the Improved console improved the graphics, but also focused on shortening load times, thanks to the SSD of the new platforms. Drawing distance, shadows, lighting, reflections and textures have benefited from the specific characteristics of the new generation of machines.

Bethesda was not satisfied with this first adaptation. Update 31 incorporates dynamic resolution, which means that the resolution will always be the highest possible (1080p to 2160p) when the title is running at 60 FPS in Performance Mode on the most powerful consoles. As for the Xbox Series S, the maximum resolution is 1440p. The overall goal is for these improvements to improve performance and prevent frame rate drops.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG available in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The title can be played without needing to subscribe, but the annual subscription has some advantages, such as being able to access DLC without having to purchase it.

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