The success story of I And I Stuff in the online market


Fashion is something that most people really love. Considering this aspect, me and I stuff are impeccable that cannot be ignored. It is now an authorized seller and is among the biggest brands like Silver Jeans and Miss Me to name a few. Started in 2012, I had a small store whose purpose was to sell this hobby. But in a little less time it turned out to be a successful business and there was no turning back. This small family business is now online and brings excellent inventory to its customers

I and I stuff is a small-scale business, but there are many options that make it effective in customer service as well. Whether it’s an email or a call, prompt service is always received. Choosing from the huge range of clothing that, too online, can never be easy. With quick response and efficient product quality, L and L are now all the rage in the market.

The success story of me and me is pretty amazing. It is one of the fastest growing online businesses focused on fashion. The business started with a small store and now it has moved into the online shopping business while gaining people’s trust. People are now looking for different fashion values ​​where L and L are at the top of the list. It is considered to offer the best fashion sense, which is certainly a perfect example for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur.

The site

The brand’s online site is designed with easy navigation. There are different product lines to search for and therefore a search tab is available. The functionality of the site looks quite trendy, creative, colorful, while the products and the general appearance of the site change with fashion. This allows visitors to stay up to date with fashion all season long throughout the year. Besides, there are always great sales and deals on the running website which can also save you money.

Those looking specifically in the clothing section can surf the website accordingly. Different categories are created. There is also a different age for each brand. There is a search bar located at the top of the site which can make it easier to find a certain product and then add it to the cart while saving a lot of money and time.

L and L’s clothing sales activity has been increasing and reaching another level for quite some time now. The brand has certainly had some success. Some of his collections are available for sale and the quality is superb as well. L and L’s journey has never been easier to start selling online. But his business has certainly succeeded with the right steps taken on time. The reason L and L online business is all the rage is because;

The right tools are integrated:

In order to create an online clothing store, the company integrated the website using the right platform and tools that could add value to the business. These tolls offer the best support to the company so that it can move more smoothly and thus significantly improve efficiency. These tools also contribute to the generation of business income.

Better scalability:

This is another reason why a brand like L and L is on top today. The store managed to maintain perfect synchronization between the configuration of the business software and the hardware. Factors such as product and system configuration allow the store to understand customer performance and usage. This thus helps the online store to manage the traffic and maintain the demand as well.

Best payment system:

Customers in this covid crisis would prefer no cash deliveries to be made. The best part is the checkout process and the store checkout process is easy to use and follow. It does not require any complex step to follow. The payment process has wide payment gateway options which provide convenience to the customers. Electronic wallets and billing subscriptions are the new features that allow online stores to add to the site.

Follow the trends:

Achieving the success where me and I are today has never been easier. The trip had been wonderful, especially because the online business had managed to keep up with the trend and the challenges. The company embraced change and created its own fashion trend. By trend, this clearly means knowing what the target audience wants and presenting the same to them.

Secure platform:

The online store of this brand offers the best security to customers. Customers can trust them to share personal information, and the store treats the information very strictly. This platform protects customers’ contact details while boosting their confidence in the store.

There is so much in fashion and trends to look at. There is no doubt that competition in this industry has also increased. Me and I know exactly how to get their valued customers to be on the website often with the right selection of products. From the right theme to the designs, everything is considered creatively while attracting potential customers. It is the moment of today that is important for a very small store or a very small brand to use to connect with the target audience,


There is a lot of competition in the market today. Me and I have managed to stand out with its beautiful collection range. It offers all of these selections to make the wardrobe set complete. The journey has always been to embark I and I stuff and with an option like e-commerce, the profit has hit the sky. It is an amazing store where only quality products are sold to the target audience and the relationship is thus maintained.

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