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O-MEE announces partnership with Noir

Noir is a blockchain brand agency building the world-changing Web3 and DeFi brands of the future. Technology is undergoing a paradigm shift, change is the key ingredient for growth, innovation and a better future. Noir helps complex protocols and projects articulate their mission to the world, create an emotional bond between users, products and partners, and build community and trust in businesses.

Noir has worked alongside many of the ambitious founders of Web3 & DeFi providing consulting, branding, investing and marketing services.

Anthony Logan, CEO of Noir.

“We are excited to be working alongside O-MEE and their fantastic team to create a social marketplace and NFT to redefine the way creators create social and economic value in Web 3.0. We believe O-MEE gives creators the ability to emotionally connect with their fans and create meaningful value from their work. We look forward to supporting O-MEE’s investments, building and growing their brand, as well as providing social and strategic marketing support.

Jared Walker, CEO of O-MEE

“It is with great pleasure that we announce our strategic partnership with Noir Agency, one of the leading brand innovation agencies in the blockchain industry. It was extremely important for us to create a vision and brand identity that conveys a strong and meaningful message that connects our project to our community, our users and our audience. Their individualistic approach to branding challenges the traditional, everyday design paradigm that truly makes O-MEE a trustworthy and memorable project. We would like to thank Anthony, Jamie and their amazing team for their efforts and look forward to our long term partnership.

What is O-MEE?

O-MEE aims to reinvent the future of creators by providing a Web3.0 NFT network that stimulates sociability and creativity for artists, designers, influencers and content producers who can upload, create, share and sell their works in the same place. Using API Connectors, creators can connect mainstream social media accounts like Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok to repost their existing artwork, videos, photographs, and media on their profile by showcasing their content to the O-MEE community where it is posted. for their subscribers to like, interact and share. Additionally, creators can create and create new and republished artwork, which allows them to sell and monetize their artwork in the O-MEE NFT Marketplace.

The NFT community provides the foundation for creating, sustaining and innovating individualistic and artistic independence and the underlying vision of O-MEE aims to provide a platform that interconnects their social and NFT experiences.

Additionally, the O-MEE subscription feature allows creators to monetize specific content through flexible pricing plans, giving their subscribers unlimited access to their profile and exclusive NFTs. We encourage creators and artists to generate more followers, more likes, more engagements, more followers and more income. O-MEE recognizes how hard creators work to produce exclusive content, and we want to reward them. O-MEE offers zero commission on all income generated by its subscription model.

Features of the O-MEE platform;

  1. NFT Market: Explore, discover, collect, bid, buy, sell and create exclusive NFTs and digital artwork.
  2. Subscription model: Subscribe to your favorite creators and get exclusive and unlimited access to their profile and NFTs with a zero percent commission rate on all income generated.
  3. Sociability: Interact, engage, message, share, like, promote and connect with creators and the community.
  4. Create and repost media: Experiment, innovate and create images and videos for your followers. Built-in API connectors allow users to repost and create existing images and videos from mainstream media sharing apps like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.
  5. Challenge : Staking Membership Program and Farm Partnerships give users and token holders the opportunity to earn
  6. Ownership: Users own 100% of their content. No intermediaries. No third party fees. No censorship.
  7. No oppressive algorithms: Keep control of your content flow with their filtering tool. You decide what you see.

O-MEE urges artists and creators to take back control of their future

We live in a new experimental world. From metaverse to NFT. Everything is in motion and everything is new. But, web 2.0 did not follow. We always offer art for hearts and tastes. It’s time to reinvent yourself. Remove friends from social feeds. Unlike shady algorithms. Stop following the ads. We give you back your independence and fairness. You can thus experiment, compose and innovate. Create meaningful value from your work. Connect with your fans. And subscribe to the course of your favorite creators. We call it O-MEE. A social subscription and NFT Marketplace for Web3.0. Break the conventions. Draw a new path. And challenge what art can be. O-MEE, reinvent your future.

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Contact: [email protected]

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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