This Hawaii-based Ameriprise team focuses on family and community while managing $1 billion


Team name: Ho’ea – Wealth Advisory Group

Solidify: Ameriprise Financial Services

Senior members: Eric Fujimoto, Ken Kondo, Victorino Vaughn, Alika Garcia, Lisa Shishido

Location: Honolulu Hawaii

AT M : $993 million

Background: Over the past 20 years, Ho’ea has grown to 15 people, but its approach still revolves around what is known in Hawaiian as “ohana” or family. Many of Ho’ea’s clients know each other and the team emphasizes its commitment to the community by donating part of the profits to local organizations or through the financing of various projects. “It’s the idea that we are a family serving our clients who are also a family,” says Eric Fujimoto, adding that his team combines a “social worker-type heart with a capitalist spirit.”

Investment philosophy/strategy: The team is focused on helping clients preserve their wealth so they can maintain their lifestyle and continue to do so in retirement, with an emphasis on multi-generational planning. An asset allocation boutique, Ho’ea presents clients with the full range of investment options and scenarios, balancing historical and forward-looking data. The team uses weekly virtual meetings that serve as “town halls” to meet with its 600 clients.

Investment Prospects: “Frankly, in this type of bear market, there isn’t a portfolio that hasn’t been hit…the speed of the Federal Reserve (raising rates) is unprecedented and it’s a reminder of the risks of investing “, says Fujimoto. His team advised clients this year to “not fight the Fed” and to “view the markets in realistic terms,” undeterred by the resilience of U.S. businesses. “We are in one of the strongest economies in the world and one of the most innovative countries in the world… Those two sentences alone should give people room for optimism.”

Best Advice: Despite the downturn in 2022, Fujimoto remains optimistic for next year: “In this industry, to survive is to be optimistic,” he says, adding that it’s important to be ready for the next market cycle. “Most of our clients have been through several bear markets – that too will pass.”


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